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- Name and/ or Logo of retailer, corporation, company (with their approval)
- Occasions: ‘Happy Father’s Day’, ‘Happy Holiday’, etc.
- Congratulations: ‘Congratulations on your promotion’, ‘To a great victory’
- Thank you: ‘Thank you for your business’
- Place (city, country)
- Date


x Silly or puerile
x Crude or offensive
x Politically or religiously charged
x Written in slang or in colloquial language


- Be directed at young people or encourage young people to start drinking (21 years and above only).
- Emphasize the stimulant, sedative, or tranquilizing effects of any drink.
- Give the impression that a drink is recommended mainly for a potential intoxicating effect.
- Give the impression that drinking is necessary for social success or social acceptance.
- Encourage over-indulgence or excessive consumption.
- Be defamatory, threatening, discriminatory, obscene, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate.
- Contain the depictions, representation, or likenesses of any individual or person who has not given his or her authorization.
- Depict activities or locations where drinking alcohol would be unsafe or unwise, such as where operating machinery, driving or engaging in any activity which requires concentration for the activity to be completely safe.

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