It's great to see our Asian Communities are coming together to raise awareness about the Asian Hate crimes. Check out the upcoming Virtual events that's coming up and support by donating for the cause.  Share in the comment box below if someone should also be featured here. 

Let's start a movement to empower others by embracing the Asian culture. Focus on the positivitiness and Acknowledging the sacrificed and accomplishments that created a positive impact in today society. #EmbraceAsian  Please upload your videos and pictures of your Asian Heroes where you will see it show up at the bottom of this page. 

Click to upload HERE https://imagepowerhouse.smugmug.com/upload/RNf76w/upload

APRIL 24, 2021 @ 5-8PM PST

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Thuy Nga entertainers will join Hollywood celebrities for a live benefit concert – We Must Look Up: Rising Above Hate with Love – on Saturday, April 24 (U.S.) / Sunday, April 25 (Europe, Asia, and Australia).

You can tune in to the broadcast Vietface TV via subscription or on Facebook.com/thuyngapbn or YouTube.com/ThuyNga.

The live three-hour global benefit concert proceeds from the event will support community-based organizations providing critical services for vulnerable community members, combat anti-Asian hate crimes and incidents, and amplify awareness of this alarming issue.


MAY 6, 2021 @ 6PM PST

Hate towards Asian American Pacific Islander Communities has been on the rise during the COID-19 crisis. Help us take a stand against racism by taking action and supporting the work of #StopAAPIHate. Together, we can stop these attacks.

Join us for our live event on May 6th at 6pm PST/9pm EST!


Please Upload your Videos and Pictures of your Asian Heroes 

Images will how up at the bottom of this page. Click to upload HERE : https://imagepowerhouse.smugmug.com/upload/RNf76w/upload

What we are seeing today is just the beginning. We are facing a more serious problem as our kids will be the ones who will need the most protection when they return to school or face society.  We already facing a lot more  bullying towards the Asian students at school, many kids are not speaking up, some does and the school or not doing anything about it.  We have also witness kids commit suicide due to these issues.  It's embedded in our culture to look away when there's issues and not to talk about it. Here are some things we should look out for signs that something is happening with our little ones:

- Grades start to suddenly drop
- They are a lot more quiet than usual
- Double check their smart device browsers 

Please share your comments below if there's anything else you can share with everyone in how we should protect our children. 

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